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Long Island Sound Image

Long Island Sound

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Starting at the Throgs Neck Bridge, coverage includes all of Long Island Sound to New London, CT. Includes Gardiners Bay and Peconic Bay, as well as Gardiners Island. 28 GPS Waypoints are plotted directly on the chart. Also includes detail of Captain Harbor in Greenwich, CT. Large place names make cities and towns easy to find. Information from 3 NOAA Charts: 12363, 12354 and 12364. WGS84-World Mercator Datum.

25" x 38"

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Waterproof Charts are designed specifically for recreational boaters, fishermen and divers. These charts are beautifully printed on synthetic paper for use on deck in any weather, rain, or spray!

Great features for one affordable price:

  • Waterproof - using their own patented design.
  • Tear resistant - you can't ruin them!
  • Foldable - they'll fit in your console or tackle box!
  • Affordable - printed on both sides so they save money!
  • Accurate - used by the Coast Guard and Navy!
  • Complete - many combine multiple NOAA charts into one document!
  • Simple to use - GPS coordinates and units!
  • Easy to read - all charts are 25" x 38"!
  • Up-to-Date - regularly updated to reflect the most recent information.
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